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Madeleine Schmidt

Madeleine Schmidt

Administration Manager

More than 25 Years experience

Started at the company in 1998

Madeleine joined AS Automation after its first year of business and has grown with the company through good and bad times. With everything in her power, no supplier or employee has ever being paid late, and the Books, VAT, PAYE and UIF always balance to a cent. She can be described as a person of lesser words but greater works. Her contribution and commitment over the years has also not gone by without recognition.
“We have learned through the journey of the past to be customer and client orientated. It is just as important to have a good relationship with suppliers as it is with clients. We do our best to be as proactive and consumer friendly as possible.” - Madeleine Schmidt

“And the King said “Faithful servant, you were faithful in little, I will entrust you with much “

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