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Richard Oliver

Richard Oliver

General Manager

Over 20 Years experience

Started at the company in 2003

Richard is equipped with Formal Schooling in the area of Human Resources, a later education in Mechanical Design, and a further diploma in Quality Management underlining his worth as a great asset in several areas of the business. Currently tasked with the challenge of General Manager, showing long term commitment as a role-player and decision-maker since 2003. Responsible for Production and Operational Management – Transforming inputs to outputs, optimizing resources, and other organizational objectives such as effectiveness, efficiency, and adaptability – producing a product to the client/customer with the best utility features. He’s attention-to-detail no-nonsense approach fits in ideally with the company’s slogan – “Expertise, Quality, Service”.

“ Our entire team is focused on managing this company for value – fixing or eliminating the behaviors and operations that lessen worth and expanding, growing, and adding those that enhance value. Our company is continuously evolving and I feel fortunate to be inclusive of that growth” – Richard Oliver

“We have proficient and effective expertise to do most of the manufacturing in-house which makes us a competitive and controlled work force. We are able to produce customized products according to client and site specific requirements. Our slogan is not just a slogan but it is a holistically work force culture embraced daily by all our employees. Our company is continuously evolving and I am glad to be part of this growing change.” - Richard Oliver

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