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Water Filtration

Containerised Trickling Water Filtration

Water & The Future

AS AutoMech Solutions has expanded it’s range of products and services significantly over the past 24 months putting much more emphasis on Water. This includes the treatment of water for human consumption and other related requirements as well as treating water after usage by humans, mines and other industrial applications. Technology used varies from conventional Settlers, DAF units, or a wide variety of membrane technology and in some cases micro and bacterial organisms.


AS AutoMech have the solution for treating raw sewage to the desired discharge quality, as required by legislation. The African market requires a robust, reliable, and easy to operate solution with market-related capital expenditure. AS AutoMech has developed in conjunction with their technology partners a well-packaged product, using Trickling Filtration Technology, combining it with the ease of transport of shipping containers and LEGO type site assembly for a remote application at a mine or construction site camp, considerable fluctuations in both load and flow can be expected.  An effluent treatment plant to serve such a fluctuating load requires extreme flexibility.

Trickling filter utilize attached growth technology and would be the most appropriate technology currently available to treat a fluctuating inflow to the required environmental standards.

The effectiveness of Reverse Osmosis

  • Production of demineralised water for pharmaceutical applications
  • Preparation of ultra-pure water
  • Water recovery and reuse by removal of dissolved salts
  • Drinking water production
  • Boiler feed water treatment
  • Bottled mineral water followed by remineralisation
  • Desalination for sea-and brackish water for portable use

Micro & Ultra Filtration – MF & UF

Micro and Ultrafiltration is a membrane filtration process and provides an alternative to conventional pre-treatment. In this method water is only pre-filtered with a common screen filter before being filtered at high pressure through a membrane, separating the water from contaminants within it. Ultrafiltration (UF) is a cross-flow process similar to Reverse Osmosis (RO).  A pressurised feed stream flows parallel to a porous membrane filtration surface.  A pressure differential forces water through the membrane.  The membrane rejects particulates, organics, microbes, pyrogens, and other contaminants that are too large to pass through the membrane.  Ultrafiltration can be used on its own for water purification or as a pre-treatment for reverse osmosis.


Further Alternative Options & Technologies Available

Continuous electro-deionisation is the removal of ions from water by using electrodes (cathode and anode) to attract the ions in the water through selective permeable membranes and ion exchange resins, thus removing the cations and anions from the feed compartment.


CEDI is used in:

  • Production of USP (United States Pharmacopeia) grade water for Pharmaceutical applications
  • Production of feed to WFI (Water for Injection) Distillation plants
  • Polishing step in boiler feed water production
  • Microelectronics / Semiconductor makeup and rinse waters


Typical applications include:

  • RO and NF pre-treatment
  • Industrial and municipal wastewater reclamation
  • Ultra-pure water production
  • Seawater desalination
  • Ion-exchange pre-treatment
  • Potable water production
  • Industrial wastewater treatment for discharge
  • Resource recovery from industrial waste streams
  • Groundwater treatment for industrial or municipal use
  • Surface water treatment for industrial or municipal use
  • Seawater reverse osmosis pre-treatment
  • Industrial water treatment effluent reclamation
  • Municipal or sewage treatment effluent reclamation
  • Reuse (water recycling)


Water treatment Projects


AS Automation Solutions has successfully designed, engineered, fabricated and automated several UF, MF,RO and other similar plants ranging from 10M^3/Hr right up to the latest Ahavo 120M^3/hr RO plants. Again as with all out other projects, our strength lies in a one stop Turnkey Solutions, with all aspects from drafting to quality engineering right up to shop commissioned and tested plants being shipped Internationally supporting our many customers.


“We engineer and develop equipment and systems for INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS in the Advanced Water Treatment, Mining Reagent Systems, and Food Processing Industries.”

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